a family's personal touch

March 12, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

One of the things I love taking pictures of a young family is the beginning of everything that is first. The first house. The first child. The first family portrait. I had the pleasure capturing one family in their first home and with their first child.

Before the photoshoot I was considering whether to photograph them at a park, but then I realized it would be meaningful to capture the moments in their home. 

One thing special about family photos is remembering the stories behind them. Often when we look back at old family pictures, our mind instantly flashback to the moment and experiences we had of the occasion. It draws us back to that particular time in our past that brings either a sentimental or wistful feeling. That is how memories are made. And that is what I endeavor to portray in family portraits – creating unforgettable snapshots. 

I’m glad that I went with my instincts because mommy had to some extent knew what she wants photograph. Most of the time I would take the client through a creative process but I was thrilled that she has come up with some ideas, like capturing her usual reading time with Baby T and how Baby T love being toss in the air by daddy.

These backdrops gave pictures of their bonding time, and nothing is more special than a spontaneous shot with a personal touch. 




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