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January 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


The holiday is over. It is 2014. It is amazing how time just flew by. Actually I am really looking forward to the New Year, anticipating for what's in store. One of the things that I have planned out for early spring is two photo shoots so I can’t wait for the cold weather to be over.

Meanwhile, I have been working on a couple of still life photography. Thanks to some reading of old sermons from Charles H. Spurgeon that left me creatively inspired.

Here is one inspirational photograph that took a lot of setting up. I had to move the set twice just to get the composition and lighting right. On top of that, I had to do the pouring on one hand and work the wireless remote on the other, at the same time check the image through the camera viewfinder. This is probably one of those photo shoot that a yoga pose would come in handy.  Anyways, after many shots I finally decided on two images. You can view the other from the inspirational gallery. 

So you may ask what inspired me to create this image. Well, Spurgeon clearly explained it. I hope that 2014 will keep me contented with whatever portion of life that comes my way because my cup runneth over.   

“Content is the philosopher's stone which turns all it touches into gold; happy is he who has found it. Content is more than a kingdom, it is another word for happiness.” – Charles H. Spurgeon




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